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This weekend program is designed to help you learn how to safely use Tension & Trauma Release Exercise® for yourself.

Folding Yoga Mat





This learning program is designed to help you learn how to use TRE® method safely by yourself, without becoming overwhelmed by the body’s release process. And in addition to learning the TRE® method you will also learn a breathing technique that calms the mind, lowers anxiety and increases oxygen intake into the blood stream, as well as the Vagus nerve stimulation exercises that can strengthen the immune system and regulate mind/body connection.


These self-help methods are informed by science and various teachings from professionals in a field of trauma and neurology that hold understanding of what’s going on in the brain and the body's autonomic nervous system of someone who experienced high levels of stress/trauma and how to potentially heal without pharmaceuticals or having to spend years in lengthy and expensive talk therapies.


The main aim of the program is to provide you with a safe platform from which you can learn and explore how to utilise your body’s inherent wisdom of self-repair and to experiment with somatic methods that have been successfully used by individuals and professionals from all over the world who have reported a great reduction, or a complete recovery from their stress or trauma related symptoms after incorporating these self-help methods into their daily routines. 


Not suitable to attend during pregnancy, or for those who suffer from epilepsy/seizures, have had a recent surgery or can't perform simple leg exercises. 



Friday24th Nov: 16:00 - 19:00

Saturday 25th Nov 9:00 - 15:0 

Sunday 26th Nov: 9:00 - 15:00


This workshop caters for a small group. Booking essential.


Wellbeing Investment: 2499.00 

First come first served principle applies.  BOOK HERE


Tension and Trauma Release Exercises -TRE® created by Dr. David Berceli, activate the body’s inherent mechanism that releases stress and trauma trapped in the body and calms down an over activated autonomic nervous system. The method consists of a simple set of exercises that evoke inherent bodily tremors, shaking, or stretching that generates in the pelvic area of the psoas muscles and reverberate outward along the spine, releasing stress and tension, from the sacrum to the cranium, restoring the body and mind back to a calm, balanced and relaxed state. 

Even though TRE® is predominantly used as an effective tool for releasing traumatic stress, chronic physical tension, emotional trauma and PTSD symptoms, it is also quickly becoming a popular way to self-release the accumulation of every-day stress and tensions and to improve flexibility and mobility for for all sport related activities; yoga, pilates, running, cycling and more.​​​​


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