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Now is the time to heal, to empower yourself and to take charge of your wellbeing. Whether it is to release stress, recover from trauma, calm the busy mind, relieve anxiety, or start on a new life journey, my aim is to support you through this process and to arm you with self-help tools and skills that can help you create the life you want.

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My Story

My aim is to support clients, as well as myself, on the journey to a healthy, balanced, productive and fulfilled life. 

Prior to qualifying as a trauma informed life coach and a Trauma Release Exercise® provider, I was the owner of a successful model agency in Cape Town for ten years, but after my children were born my priorities changed and I no longer found fulfilment working in the industry. 

As a trauma survivor I have always held an interest in psychology because I was curious to gain deeper understanding of the human nature, and most importantly, to gain knowledge, understanding and self-awareness that would highlight areas in my own life that required healing. I have initially embarked on this journey for myself, however, through this process I have discovered my own true calling and now feel honoured supporting others on their journey to balance, productivity and inner wellbeing.

Methods I've learnt, explored on myself and that I now teach, have helped me find effective relief from chronic muscle tension, anxiety, depression, lower back pain and other PTSD symptoms, showing me that recovery from trauma doesn't have to be spending years and years in talk therapy or having to rely on pharmaceuticals. Trauma can be released and worked through the body and it's nervous system, and can re-connect us to a deep sense of calm and inner peace irrespective of our hurtful past. 

I blend Trauma Release Exercises®, self-regulation techniques, breath work, rhythm therapy, trauma informed coaching and personal experiences, offering self-help tools and interventions that can not only release deep layers of stress and trauma trapped in the body, but can also relieve anxiety, stop panic attacks, rewire the brain, form new neural pathways, accelerate physical and emotional healing, evoke inexplicable feelings of joy, boost the immune system and improve flexibility and mobility for all sport related activities.  

I am a life coach-Dip. South African College of Applied Psychology, Life Line trained counsellor, Internationally accredited  TRE®-Trauma Release Exercise provider and TRE® mentor. I've also participated in a two year advanced facilitation training, from Process Oriented Psychology's perspective, facilitated by Dr Stephen Schuitevoerder, the president and a faculty member of the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon. I am in private practice, but have also facilitated TRE® workshops at Ixande - addiction treatment and recovery centre. 


I am committed to life long learning, on-going personal growth and continuous professional development. To make an appointment with me book here. I will be honoured to assist you.



Trauma Informed Life Coach.

Trauma Release Exercise (TRE®) Provider.

TRE® Mentor. Retreats Facilitator. 

Recovered Trauma Survivor. 

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