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Trauma Workshop




“Trauma is actually NOT the story of what happened a long time ago; trauma is the residue that’s living inside of you now; causing uncomfortable sensations, panic reactions, anxiety, depression, uptight-ness, explosions, anger, physical emotional pain and negative impulses.” Dr Bessel Van der Kolk 


Recent advancements in the treatment of trauma have shown that accidents, life threatening diagnosis, childhood trauma, divorce, narcissistic abuse, losing a home, assault, burglary, sexual abuse, sudden loss of a loved one, toxic relationships and life challenging circumstances can embed themselves into our bodies and it's nervous system and linger years after the event. This is especially so when we have experienced situations of extreme stress that cause us to fight, flee or freeze in order to cope.


This is because traumatic experiences trigger an instinctive and intricate interactions of biological, neurological and nervous system reactions that can leave the body and mind in a constant state of fear, hyper-arousal and body/mind disconnection leading to symptoms like anxiety, anger, irritability, rage, interpersonal conflict, tension headaches, insomnia, loss of productivity and more. Trauma can also wear down the resilience of the immune system and lead to autoimmune conditions and various other diseases.

Trauma Release workshop has been created with this in mind and provides a safe platform from where a small group of women will come together to experience self-help interventions and somatic approaches that can release the residue of trauma trapped in the body and it's nervous system, regulate the body's internal states, repair the connection between mind and body, reconnect neural pathways and alleviate trauma related triggers and symptoms. 


Self-help interventions introduced and practiced will be Trauma Release Exercises®, vagus nerve stimulation exercises, cue controlled relaxation technique, body postures that calm down an over activated nervous system, breath work and rhythm therapy. These self-healing practices can regulate the autonomic nervous system, calm the busy mind, change the body's biochemistry, increase pH levels and make the body more alkaline and better able to fight disease. Participants will also receive trauma informed information that is easy to understand and apply in everyday life.


The above methods have been informed by science and various teachings from professionals in a field of trauma and neurology who hold understanding of what’s going on in the brain, the body and the nervous system of someone who experienced trauma and how to potentially recover without having to spend years in talk therapy or having to over-rely on pharmaceuticals.

Trauma Release workshop  will be facilitated by Metka Zurman Volkwyn, a trauma informed life coach, Trauma Release Exercise® provider and mentor, and a complex trauma survivor who has found personal recovery from lower back pain, anxiety and PTSD through the use of self-help interventions introduced and practiced during this workshop. 


What to expect:

~ Experience safe, confidential and nurturing environment where you can discover and engage in self-regulation practices that can release trauma, alleviate chronic tension and lower anxiety.


~ Participate in a group discussions where you can share, if you choose to, learn and grow through compassionate and non-judgemental trauma related conversations with fellow participants.

~ Receive information to better understand the neurology and the physiology of trauma and how it gets trapped in the body and it's nervous system.

~ Gain insight into the role of the Vagus nerve, the governor of the parasympathetic nervous system which helps control the body’s relaxation responses, and learn how to stimulate it's activity to counteract the stress response, rebalance your nervous system and calm the busy mind. 


~ Get introduced and safely practice Trauma Release Exercises-TRE®  that activate neurogenic tremors/shaking which is the body’s inherent way of releasing stress and trauma and returning itself back to homeostasis; a calm, balanced and relaxed state. learn more about TRE here.

~ Learn breath work that can self-regulate and manipulate the body's biochemistry, activates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest/digest/calm) and reduces acidity in the body, making it more alkaline and better able to fight disease, inflammation, stress and the residue of trauma. 

~ Learn cue-controlled therapeutic and a science backed relaxation technique which is a type of classical conditioning that pairs a state of instant calming of your autonomic nervous system with a one word of your choosing. This technique can help you instantly lower anxiety levels and enable you to be more at ease with yourself and with the world around you while using only one word, no matter where you are. 

~ Learn grounding techniques that can instantly help you centre and anchor yourself to the present moment and take your mind off thoughts that are causing you distress. These are particularly helpful if you are experiencing anxiety and dissociation.


- Discover how to free up a life force through rhythm therapy that can restore your body to it's natural state of joy and wellbeing and walk away feeling lighter and more re-connected to your healthy, strong and balanced self.

~ Connect with women from all walks of life who share similar experiences, fostering understanding and support.

Best suitable to attend if you are experiencing:

  • Feeling anxious, overwhelmed & stressed by little things

  • Have general anxiety or panic attacks 

  • Feel regular irritability, rage, excessive anger 

  • Struggling to let go of trauma 


Suffering from:

  • IBS 

  • Tension Headaches

  • Anger / Rage

  • Digestive issues

  • Chronic Pain

  • Vagus nerve issues

  • Irritability

  • Sleeplessness

Recovering from:​

  • Trauma

  • PTSD

  • Illness

  • Burn-out

  • Cancer

Not suitable to attend during pregnancy, if you suffer from seizures, have just had a major surgery or can't perform simple leg exercises. To maintain the integrity of the workshop and for personal attention, space is limited to a small group. Women Only. 

Please note: This workshop is not a talk therapy or a QUICK FIX PROGRAM. We are going to have a compassionate conversations around trauma related issues of course, however, the main aim is to help you discover self-help tools and somatic approaches that can help you better manage or fully recover from symptoms of the unresolved, frozen and the unspoken part of chronic tension, anxiety and trauma. This workshop is designed to be self-empowering and not overwhelming.

Dates: 31 May - 2 June 2024


FRIDAY: 16:00 - 19:00

SATURDAY: 9:00 - 15:00

SUNDAY: 9:00 - 16:00


Venue: Constantia. Cape Town. Women Only. 


Wellbeing Investment: R2999

Booking essential




Stressed Woman

Panic Attacks 


Panick Attacks Workshops


In the face of panic, remember: you are stronger than the storm within you. Conquer each attack with the power of your breath, the wisdom of  your body, and the knowledge that resilience is your greatest ally.


Panic attacks and anxiety often manifest in the body through various physical symptoms. Common signs include accelerated heart rate, shallow breathing, chest tightness, sweating, trembling, and a sense of impending doom. Symptoms may also include dizziness, numbness or tingling sensations, muscle tension, and gastrointestinal discomfort. These bodily reactions are part of the fight-or-flight response, triggered by a perceived threat or high levels of stress.  


Recognising these bodily cues is crucial for addressing and managing anxiety, and somatic approaches that will be taught during this workshop like Tension & Trauma Release Exercises/TRE®, self-regulation, breath work, progressive muscle relaxation, and mindful body awareness can help you self-manage and alleviate these physical manifestations. 


Attending this self-care workshop offers an opportunity to explore and learn the above somatic approaches that can halt panic attacks and empower individuals in self-managing and preventing panic episodes naturally. The focus is on self-regulation and connecting with the body to interrupt the anxiety cycle, fostering a sense of self-control and resilience. The aim is to gain self-help tools to navigate moments of distress, to regain control and to self-manage panic attacks effectively and to reduce their frequency and intensity over time.


Participants will learn and practice the above methods and techniques in a supportive and confidential environment. 


Who should attend:


This workshop is beneficial for individuals experiencing various levels of anxiety and stress. Those who should consider attending include:


    1.    Individuals with Generalised Anxiety: People facing persistent and excessive worry that interferes with daily life.

    2.    Those with Panic Disorder: Individuals dealing with sudden, intense episodes of fear accompanied by physical symptoms.

    3.    Social Anxiety Sufferers: People experiencing significant distress in social situations.

    4.    Stress-Prone Individuals: Anyone facing high levels of stress due to work, relationships, or life changes.

    5.    Students: Especially during exams or academic pressures.

    6.    Workplace Participants: Employees dealing with stressors in the professional environment.

    7.    Those with Trauma Histories: Individuals with a history of trauma contributing to anxiety.

    8.    Anyone Interested in Self-Improvement: People seeking proactive strategies for better mental well-being.


By attending, participants can gain valuable skills to manage anxiety and enhance their overall quality of life.


Who Should Not Attend:

If suffering with severe panic attack than private session is recommended first.

If pregnant, suffering from seizures, have just had a major surgery or can't perform simple leg exercises.

Spaces are limited to a small group in order to ensure an intimate and personalised experience. Secure your spot now and take the first step towards healthier, calmer and more empowered future.

Facilitator: Metka Zurman-Volkwyn, Trauma informed life coach, Trauma Release Exercise Provider® and mentor.


Space is limited to a small group in order to maintain the integrity of the workshop and for personal attention. 

Women Only.


Dates: TBC

Friday: 16:00 - 19:00

Saturday: 9:00 - 15:00

Sunday: 9:00 - 16:00


Venue: Constantia. Cape Town. 


Wellbeing Investment: R2499

Booking essential




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