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Release Stress | Heal Trauma | Renew Life

Release Heal Renew retreats are designed to deliver transformative experiences to a small group of women that come together to release deep layers of stress, tensions and trauma and want to reconnect with inner sense of peace, calm and wellbeing. The main aim is to discover and practice self-healing methods that can effectively release stress, chronic tension and trauma trapped in the body, calm the busy mind, boost the immune system, rewire the brain, and evoke inexplicable feelings of joy, calm and inner wellbeing.


Methods practiced are Trauma Release Exercises®, Breath Work, Nervous System Regulation, Awareness and Rhythm Therapy. These self-healing practices are individually effective, however, when they're used together they form a strong healing partnership that can not only release stress and tension and alleviate trauma-related symptoms, but can also deepen the trust in following the self-healing capacities of the body, increase the ability to be present, and open us up to the wisdom of letting go so that we can re-connect with the intrinsic heart-space that can enable us to live more expansively, joyfully and with an increased inner knowing. 

Not suitable to attend during pregnancy, if suffering with seizures/epilepsy or can’t perform simple leg exercises. 


Release Heal Renew retreats are facilitated by Metka Zurman; a trauma informed life coach, Trauma Release Exercise® provider/mentor, complex trauma survivor and a Djembe player.  Booking essential as space is limited. Women Only. New dates for 2024 to be confirmed.



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