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Women Only

  • 1 h
  • 1 200 South African rand
  • Constantia

Service Description

The effects of trauma can be devastating for sufferers because even years after traumatic event(s) the body can remain stuck in a fight/flight/freeze/fawn response, producing symptoms like tension headaches, anxiety, PTSD, anger, rage, irritable bowel syndrome, relationship challenges and more. Trauma coaching sessions have been created with this in mind and cater for trauma survivors who struggle with trauma related triggers and symptoms and would like to find a relief through a natural and holistic approach that can release the residue of trauma trapped in the body and heal the mind. Trauma sessions begin with teaching you Trauma Release Exercises®, breath work, Vagus nerve stimulation exercises and self-regulation techniques that can regulate an over activated nervous system and bring the body and mind back to a calm, relaxed and regulated state. Thereafter, when the nervous system is no longer overwhelmed and easily triggered, we explore challenges that cause the symptoms and help you discover for yourself where they are coming from, which behaviours and situations serve to exacerbate them and how best to resolve them. Trauma coaching sessions are empowering, future oriented and do not focus on the helplessness of the past. You can expect to find a safe, warm, understanding and a caring atmosphere, where you are met, seen and listened to with compassion, kindness and without judgements or interpretations.

Cancellation Policy

Since the scheduling of an appointment involves the reservation of time set aside especially for you, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment. If for any reason you cancel the session less than 24 hours prior, you will be liable for a full fee and no refunds will be issued.

Contact Details

Constantia Cape Town

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